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We offer a wide range of affordable single and double wide mobile homes for sale in Plano, TX ready to deliver direct to your land or mobile home park. Alamo Homes has been open for over 25+ years helping Texans just like you to find a mobile home.

We offer help with mobile home financing. Get a free credit check with us. We can coordinate a free site inspection of your land to make sure it’s ready to receive your home. See our home catalog below or contact us today to get started.
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Choosing a Single Wide or Double Wide For Your Mobile Home in Plano, TX

Choosing between a single wide and a double wide home depends on your family’s needs. A single wide home is smaller, which can make it easier to heat, cool with A/C and take care of. It’s also more affordable, which can be a big advantage if you’re on a tight budget. However, it is smaller than a double wide, and might feel cramped if you’ve got a large family.

A double wide home offers you more space and total value for your dollar. This is great if you have a larger family or if you just like having extra room to spread out. It can also provide more flexibility in terms of layout and design. You can create different living areas on custom floor plans or even have a separate playroom for the kids.

Save Money on our Mobile Homes For Sale in Plano, Texas

Buying a mobile home in Plano can save you money in several ways. Mobile homes generally cost less than traditional houses per square foot. Also, you’ll find that living expenses in Plano are lower compared to many other places in Texas. This means you’ll spend less on things like groceries, electricity, etc… If you choose to live in a mobile home park, you might save on property taxes and maintenance costs, as these are often included in the lot rent. However, sometimes the park fees can be much more than property tax, so it is a tradeoff you want to consider.

Find Your Mobile Home in Plano, TX With Alamo Homes.

IMG_7692 Join us at Alamo Homes today and take a look at the variety of homes we offer for direct delivery to Plano, TX. Learn more about our single wide and double wide models, and how you can customize one you like. We’re available for questions about anything related to your home. Don’t wait any longer for a beautiful mobile home at an affordable price, call or contact us today!

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