Schult & Clayton Construction Warranty Details

Texas-built mobile (manufactured) homes are steadily gaining a reputation for strength, durability, and efficiency.  Mobile homes construction is stringently held to federal HUD building codes. All of the Schult/Waco II homes we sell to customers meet and often exceed these high construction standards. These homes are built to last. Read more details below or call us with your questions! 

What Are The Quality Advantages of Our Schult/Waco II Manufactured Homes?

Modular and manufactured homes are just as strong as, if not stronger, than traditionally constructed buildings. All materials used to build mobile and modular homes remain stored indoors, there is no exposure to the sun, rain, or other weather elements, which eliminates the risk of weather or mold damage during construction!

Backed by the Schult/Clayton Waco II warranty, you can rest assured that your home will provide you with the protection, comfort, and durability that you need for years to come!

Key components of the Schult/Clayton Waco II Warranty and Construction Standards:

  • Solid roof trusses are essential for a structurally sound home.
  • R21 blown fiberglass insulation reduces noise providing you with a quieter home. The R-value determines how well your home is insulated. R30 and R40 insulation is also available.
  • The roof shingles significantly influence the value of a home. Traditional shingles are installed in every Schult/Clayton Waco II home, ensuring that your family and your home remain protected.
  • 50 year Exterior Smart Panel Siding available which ensures your home’s protection from the elements and from pests. This high-end siding also protects against moisture penetration and the growth of biological contaminants such as mold, dust mites, and bacteria.
  • The vinyl clad steel front door has vinyl clad coating which provides greater weather resistance and insulation. This front door will keep you and your family safe. Steel doors are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors; they don’t bend, crack, or wrap.
  • To keep your electric bill costs low, all Schult/Clayton Waco II homes are manufactured with single hung vinyl thermal pane windows. These windows reduce the transfer of heat from the inside of the home to the outside of the home, thereby keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • A durable floor system is of particular importance, you use it every day as you move throughout your home. The floor joists in all Schult/Clayton Waco II homes are built according to the highest safety standards and use top-rated Southern Yellow Pine Lumber which is known for its high bending strength and toughness.
  • Your floor stays warmer and drier with Floor Decking that uses Oriented Strand Board which creates a drier, smell free surface.
  • R22 fiberglass floor insulation provides the warmth and stability your home needs.

    Most of our Alamo Homes models come equipped with upgraded insulation and also include a Lifetime Home Warranty covering major systems like plumbing, electrical, A/C and more. If you aren’t sure, just ask us!

    ***The warranty shown on this page is only for our Schult/Clayton Waco II homes.
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