Find Affordable Mobile Homes For Sale in Laredo, TX

Alamo Homes provides high-quality, affordable single and double wide mobile homes for sale in Laredo, TX delivered direct to your location. We’ve been in business 25+ years helping Texans just like you to find the best mobile homes in Laredo at the best price!

Did you know that all of our new mobile homes come with a FREE included Lifetime Home Warranty? This warranty covers particular repairs on electrical, plumbing, appliances and A/C systems in your home. Call or contact us today to find out more!

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Get Our Help Buying a Mobile Home in Laredo

IMG_1666If you’re considering buying a mobile home in Laredo, Texas, you have a lot of choices to make! We can help you with these decisions.

Your first choice is between single wide or double wide home. Do you know the difference between them? A single wide mobile home is usually about 18 feet wide and can be a perfect fit for individuals or small families. It’s cozy, affordable, and easy to maintain.

A double wide mobile home is about twice as wide as a single wide model and offers more living space. This makes it an excellent choice for larger families or people who want extra rooms, larger kitchens, etc… Both types of homes are available at Alamo Homes to deliver in Laredo, TX.

What About Mobile Home Financing Options for Laredo?

Finding financing for a mobile home in Laredo can be done on your own or with our expert help. Some local banks, credit unions, and other lenders offer chattel loans specifically for mobile homes.

It’s important to compare rates and terms from different lenders to ensure you’re getting the best deal. We can help you navigate that process! It’s important to read and understand all the details of a loan before signing any agreement. We’ll be with you every step of the way if you work with our friendly team at our family-owned dealership.

Every step of the way we are able to help you in finding the loan that’s right for you and your family. Work with our specialists, and gain access to trained experts who can explore several different options for mobile home financing. We work with hundreds of families annually and help find them loans from companies like Vanderbilt, Cascade, 21st Mortgage, and more. That’s the Alamo Homes way!

Can You Put Your Mobile Home On Your Land in Laredo, TX? Absolutely!

You don’t need to place a mobile home only in a registered mobile home park. If you have land zoned for a mobile home, we can place it there! As an added benefit, when your mobile home is located on land in Laredo, it can grow in appreciation over time, just like a site-built home. Build equity as a homeowner with one of our affordable mobile homes for sale in Laredo. If you take the extra steps to add a foundation, and your mobile home is permanently fixed on land, it is considered to be real property just like site-built homes, making them even more valuable. Your mobile home on land works as an investment in your future as well as meeting your present needs. Get started today by calling us now or contacting us online with your questions!

Contact Our Friendly Team Now

Let our team at Alamo Homes help answer your questions about purchasing new or used mobile homes. With our reputation for providing some of the friendliest and most experienced customer service in Texas, you won’t be disappointed. Contact us now to see the Alamo Homes Difference!

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