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Alamo Homes will help you find the best quality mobile homes at the right price for your budget. Our friendly team has decades of experience helping Texans like yourself find single wide and double wide mobile homes for sale in Houston, TX at an affordable price.

All of our Houston mobile homes include a FREE lifetime home warranty that covers electrical, plumbing, A/C and more for the life of the home. Call or contact us today to find out more!

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Let Alamo Homes Help You Find The Best Houston Mobile Homes Options Available

c29dfe8a-3c44-4da3-a101-95461eb58172Why should you buy a mobile home in Houston, Texas, with Alamo Homes? We’ve been in business for over 25+ years. We have the experience your family wants when making such a crucial purchase decision! We offer you top-tier customer service from the first time you walk in our door, to well after your home is delivered to your land. We also give you an included lifetime home warranty on all new Houston mobiles homes for sale in our catalog. That’s an incredible value!

Why Choose a Mobile Home in Houston Over a Traditional Site-Built Home?

Mobile homes are often more affordable than traditional, site-built homes, making them a great option if you’re on a budget. They also usually have fewer ownership costs, which means you could save money in the long run on maintenance. You don’t lose out on home quality either. Mobile homes can be quite spacious and comfortable, as you’ll see from our floorplans! If you want to become a homeowner without breaking the bank, a mobile home in Houston is your best option!

Should My Houston Mobile Home Be a Single Wide, Double Wide or Triple Wide Model?

IMG_7692Available Houston mobile homes come in different sizes: single wide, double wide, and even a few triple wides. A single wide mobile home is the smallest type of floor plan. It can be perfect for a couple or a small family. It’s cozy, easy to maintain and affordable. A double wide mobile home is typically twice as wide as a single wide one, offering more space and rooms. This is ideal for larger families. A triple wide mobile home is the largest of the three, providing even more space. It’s made up of three home sections and can have many bedrooms, a large living area, and extra spaces like a home office, gameroom, den or a kids playroom.

Do I Need a Windzone II Mobile Home in Houston? 

If you’re buying a mobile home in Houston to place on land in the coastal areas, you will need a Windstorm II mobile home model in order to meet code, and to survive the winds coming off the Gulf Coast. Houston can experience strong winds and storms, especially during hurricane season.  Windstorm II mobile homes are built to withstand these wind conditions. They’re constructed with stronger materials, stronger internal structure sand designed to resist high winds. This helps keep your home safe and secure even when the weather is rough, and meets code requirements for coastal areas. 

If you have questions about choosing between single or double wide models, Windstorm II requirements, mobile home financing in Houston, or anything else, do not hesitate to call or contact us today!

Contact Our Friendly Team Now

Let our team at Alamo Homes help answer your questions about purchasing new or used mobile homes. With our reputation for providing some of the friendliest and most experienced customer service in Texas, you won’t be disappointed. Contact us now to see the Alamo Homes Difference!

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