Used Single Wide Mobile Homes in Texas

If you are looking for used single wide mobile homes, our family-owned dealership in San Antonio, TX has multiple models available for sale. We are constantly moving out old inventory and delivering used home models to our lot. Due to the high turnover on used single wides, what’s listed below may not be current with what came in to our lot this week.

Call us now for immediate inventory and pricing, or browse our available listed models below. 

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Why Buy a Used Single Wide Mobile Home?

Used Mobile Home + Land In Pleasanton, TexasBuying a used single wide mobile home from Alamo Homes can save you both time and money. Buying a used mobile home will save you money in the current market. Used mobile homes are often cheaper than new ones, making them an affordable solution for many Texans.

The depreciation value of mobile homes is similar to that of a cars. This means that you lose the most market value on  a home in the first few years, even if the home is still well maintained and in good condition. This translates to huge value for your money if you are willing to buy a previously owned mobile home that’s just a few years in to its life span. 

How Buying a Used Single Wide Home Can Save You Time on Delivery and Moving in

Buying a used single wide mobile home can save you time. Why is that? New mobile homes often come with a waiting period for construction and delivery, which can last several months. But used mobile homes are readily available, because they are already built, and can be moved into almost immediately after you buy it and place it on your land.

This means you don’t need to wait for the factory to build a new single wide home for you, and you can move into your home faster. As a bonus, if the previous owners have done upgrades or renovations, you’ll get those benefits without having to invest additional time and effort into home upgrades too! 

We are ready to help you find used single wide homes available from our lot to deliver anywhere in Texas. Just call or contact us below now to get started!

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