Get Custom-Built Texas Modular Homes

texas modular homesWe have a wide selection Texas modular homes at great prices. Maybe you’re wondering what modular homes are? That’s good question. Modular homes combine the best of site-built homes and manufactured homes. They have the cost-efficiency and manufacturing process of mobile homes, and the high quality construction and custom floor plans of site-built homes. They are also built to specific city and local codes, so they can be placed in more neighborhoods and locations than manufactured homes can. They are placed on permanent concrete foundations like site-built homes, but they are built in regional factories, to ensure high quality construction, speedy delivery, and to prevent weather delays. Modular homes can be customized like a regular home, finances like a regular home, insures like a regular home, and resells like a regular home…because it IS a regular home!

If you’re looking for customizable floor plans and features at great prices, look no further! We have the best modular homes San Antonio can offer. Whether you want simple yet stylish 3 bedroom 2 bathroom modular home floor plans, larger 4 bedroom 2 bathroom product with spacious kitchens and master baths, or elaborate 5 bedroom 3+ bathroom modular home floor plans, we have it all! Find the looks and features you expect from a site built home at just a fraction of the cost!

Experts on Texas Modular Homes

texas modular homesWe know that wading through all of our product, brands, floor plans, and options can be exhausting or stressful. We’re here to help. Our team has decades of experience matching customers to their dream Texas modular homes. We know all about the product and brands we sell, and we can help you find the one you want. After years of selling modular homes, we also know the ins and outs of the buying, financing, customizing, and delivery process. When it comes to these important questions about one of the most important purchases in your life, you want someone experienced. Nothing matches or even compares with the wisdom and knowledge that decades of experience in modular homes gives. We want each of our customers to be satisfied and delighted, so we use our experience to bring that about.

Custom Floor Plans on Texas Modular Homes

One of the key benefits of modular homes is that you get to create your own floor plan. Unlike designing a site-built home with an architect, this is a simple and easy process. First, find a model that you like. Maybe you like the floor plan, but you want to features like hard wood custom cabinetry. Or maybe you want to significantly change the floor plan and the features. Whatever it is, you then can work with our service representatives to modify it just the way you want. Whether you want more rooms, relocate rooms, add a bathroom, study, kids room, game room, or extend the living room with a fireplace, we can create that floor plan with you! So, find a favorite model and begin making it your own!

We Coordinate From Floor Plan To Delivery

We have a key advantage in the Texas modular homes market. That is our decades-long partnership with Alamo Transport. Because of this partnership, we are able to handle the coordination of delivery and setup throughout San Antonio and South Texas. All you have to worry about is the custom modular home floor plan you want. You can be sure that your home will be delivered on time to your lot, set on the foundation type you request, and completely set up with your utilities and everything else needed to meet your family’s needs!

Come Find Out Why Hundreds Of Families Chose Alamo Homes To Help Them With Their Texas Modular Homes!