High Quality Manufactured Homes In Texas

Manufactured homes are often labeled as low quality, cheap homes, that are easily damaged and that don’t last long. While that may have been true 50 years ago, this is not the case any more. Our manufactured homes have a lot of features and options. Because we have such a large selection, we know that you can find the perfect house for you and your family. From large to small, luxury to starter, and we have a variety of brands, product, styles, and sizes. What all options do we have on our manufactured homes? Glad you asked.

  • First, we have a variety of spacious floor plans: Whether you’re looking for affordable 3/2 product or 4/3 luxury homes, you can be sure of one thing. Each of our homes is designed to achieve maximum utility from the square footage. Our floor plans range from 1200 square feet to 2500 square feet, so we are certain you can find Texas manufactured homes that fit your needs.
  • Second, our homes have large kitchens. Although there are varying styles and sizes, all of our manufactured homes are equipped with full size kitchens. Some have islands or peninsulas, and others have massive amounts of counter or cabinet space. Whichever you prefer, you can find it in our wide selections of shapes, styles, and sizes.
  • Thirdly, our homes feature huge master suites: The master bedrooms in these manufactured homes are large, spacious, and beautiful. Each comes with a big master bathroom, and a walk-in closet. The master bathrooms have large tubs, and some even have a double vanity sink.
  • We also have tons of other custom options. Maybe you want custom hard-wood cabinets, wood floors, or would like to customize the floor plan. You can do that to our manufactured homes. Each home comes with a plethora of options, upgrades, and features that you can personalize into the perfect dream house for you and your family.

Wide Selection of Manufactured Homes

If you’re new to mobile home buying, you’ll notice the few different terms used when it comes to describing your mobile home. You have the single-wide mobile home, double-wide mobile home, and the modular home. These mobile homes have several things in common, like the constructed in a factory and affordability, the main difference is size. But, transport and assembly are also factors that distinguish single-wide, double-wide, and modular homes. If you’re looking for a home that best resembles a site-built home, decide on double-wides. If you aren’t in need of the extra space, a single-wide might be the best fit for you. Both single and double-wides offer quality space and build for an affordable price. Get your family’s needs met and still have extra money for amenities and decor!

Our single-wide homes range from as small as 780 square feet to 1,400 square feet. The width of a single-wide ranges, and usually about 18 feet and 90 feet in length. Most common measurements for single-wide homes is 72 feet wide by roughly 15 feet wide totaling 1,080 square feet. Single-wide homes ship as one unit on one semi-trailer.

Our manufactured double-wide homes in Texas homes start at around 990 square feet and go up to 2,020 square feet. Doublewide homes have a width of 20 feet or more, and their length is 90 feet or less. They most often measure 56 feet long by 26 feet wide with the square footage of 1,456. Doublewide homes ship as two separate units and pair together effortlessly to make a double-wide mobile home.

Experts on Texas Manufactured Homes You can Trust

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Our experience makes your home buying process smooth. Expect less surprises and more smooth sailing. Whether you need help with financing, site preparation, or just choosing the right countertop, you just can’t replace experience. Do you want to be served by the kid who has sold 3 homes or the professional who has helped over 300 families find their dream home? With what is likely to be your biggest investment in a lifetime, do you think you deserve the best people helping you out? We think you deserve the best customer service in Texas. We specialize in helping people find the manufactured home that fits them, organizing the details for delivery all over Texas, and much more!

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