Custom Floor Plans on San Antonio Modular Homes

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One of the key benefits of modular homes is that you get to create your own floor plan. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an interior designer or architect. With our custom modular homes, you start with a basic floor plan and modify it however you want. Whether you want more rooms, relocate rooms, add a bathroom, study, kids room, game room, or extend the living room with a fireplace, we can create that floor plan with you! So, find a favorite model and begin making it your own!

Experience the Alamo Modular Homes Difference

Why should you call Alamo Homes first about your new home?  We are glad you asked!

  • More product to walk-through: we normally have about 10 modular compatible homes you can walk through but most of our competitors only have 2-3.  If you add together our homes that are manufactured homes, we keep over 50 homes on our lot while most other home dealers have twelve or less.  Who do you think is more likely to have the home you are looking for available to view today?  That is right, Alamo Homes.
  • Wider Selection: we not only have more homes to walk through, we flat out have more homes because we work with more home building factories than most modular home sellers.
  • Best pricing: we sell so many modular homes that we have volume pricing which means you can buy the exact same modular home for less money.  Speaking of pricing, we won’t sucker you in with low pricing that is only a base model before delivery.  We would like to treat you like we like to be treated, giving you the price that includes the base home, the options, the delivery, any site preparation…EVERYTHING!  No bait and switch here, just honest, straight forward prices.
  • Exceptional service: we are still your local, family owned business. We take pride in serving you well and our owner still encourages great customer service more than anything else among his team.  The big corporate stores get customers because of large advertising budgets, we get customers because of referrals by friends and family, people just like the way we treat them!
  • We like you: we admit that everyone should like you, but we want you to know we appreciate everyone who walks through the door and we will be excited to see you too!
  • We Coordinate From Floor Plan To Delivery

    Not only is Alamo Homes building a modular home you can trust, but a reputation for quality and trustworthiness. Call us or come in today and see over 50 manufactured and modular home models in person on our lot. Alamo Homes offers free site inspections, ten-year parts and labor warranties on air conditioning, credit repair, and free financing. Alamo Homes assure customers that their vision, expectations, and timeline come to life are respected when you choose to build your custom modular home with us!

    If you’re looking for a custom home without the cost of a traditional site-built home, our San Antonio modular homes are for you. If you want the low prices of mobile homes, but with higher quality manufacturing, and more custom features and options, check out our modular homes for sale in San Antonio.

    Come Find Out Why Hundreds Of Families Chose Alamo Homes To Find Modular Homes In San Antonio!