CMH Answer – ANS28603A


  • ans28603a
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  • ans28603
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  • D98E0734-AA83-8CE8-BB38CDCC396358E0


  • Bed: 4 or 3
  • Bath: 2
  • Sq Footage: 1,680
  • Model: ANS28603A
  • Type: Double Wide
  • Price: Call For More Info
TruMH Single Wide Options:
  • Energy Star Package (R22-R11-R30) - $475 - $575
  • Lino Flooring Throughout – NOW STANDARD!!
  • Smart Panel Siding: $1,395 - $1,495
  • Wind Zone II: $425 - $576
  • House Type Rear Door w/ Storm: $195
  • Dishwasher: $450
  • Wire and Brace for Ceiling Fan (LIVING ROOM ONLY): $50
  • Gas Option: Range and Furnace 100 Amp: $600 - 200 Amp: $650
  • OSB Wrap: $700 - $800

    Our factories offer hundreds of options to allow our customers true customization with their home. Available options vary from factory to factory, and there are way too many to list in full here. We have listed the most popular options with pricing for this factory to give you a better idea of the final price of your home.

    Our team at Alamo Homes does our best to stay on top of the most current factory option lists, but pricing does fluctuate due to current market conditions. Your housing consultant can provide you with an itemized factory spec sheet for your home to confirm pricing. Please note that the pricing listed for each option does NOT include the state sales tax for that option.
  • Model Details: This beautiful 3/2 (optional 4/2) double wide not only has the space your family needs, but the modern style you are looking for as well. It has 1,680 square feet of space. Check out this huge master bedroom, a master bath with a large tub and shower, a fancy kitchen/dining room area, and an enormous living room. Call or contact us today for more information on this model!

    *Some Images Contain Additional Upgrades Not Included In Base Price.

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