See the Best Mobile Homes for Sale in San Antonio

mobile homes for sale in san antonioWelcome to Alamo Homes, the best place to buy mobile homes for sale in San Antonio. We are here to help you find your dream home for a price you can afford. Mobile homes for sale in San Antonio can vary widely in cost. The cost is affected by 3 main factors: the size of the home, the brand and model of the home, and whether it’s new or used. Other things contribute to the price of the home as well, including the extra options you might choose, the delivery and setup costs, and your choice of mobile home financing. However, these three affect the price of mobile homes in San Antonio most consistently.

  • Size
  • Finding your dream starts with your needs. How much space do you need? How many bedrooms or bathrooms? This narrows down your search into a smaller price range. While different brands have different prices for different features and floor plans, mobile homes for sale in San Antonio generally cost more, the bigger they are. One of the biggest benefits of mobile homes, though, is that even the large mobile homes cost less per square foot than site built homes.

  • Brand/Model
  • The second factor in the cost of mobile homes in San Antonio is the brand and model of each home. Once you have decided the size and features your family needs, finding the best brand and model is the next step. Each brand specializes in providing different options for houses. This is how you can have a 1200 square foot house cost nearly the same as a 900 square foot house. For example, TRU Mobile Homes provides the basics, and offers some of the lowest cost mobile homes; Schult makes luxurious mobile homes with beautiful finishes and features. Within brands, each model has a different set of features, and a unique floor plan.

    mobile homes for sale in san antonioAt Alamo Homes, we keep many more homes on our lot than our competitors. This means that we are much more likely to have your favorite one available to look at and tour. We also have a larger selection of homes in general. We work with trusted manufacturers who have earned a reputation for good homes and good prices. These include Clayton, TRUMH, Skyline, Fleetwood, and Schult. Whether you’re looking for a single wide homes or double wide homes, we have many options from several brands that you can choose from. You get the advantage of comparing the prices and features of each model to make sure that you’re getting the house you want at the price you want.

  • Used/New
  • The third main price differentiator is whether you buy a new or a used home. Used mobile homes are a great way to save money and often come with land. New mobile homes are more expensive, but you aren’t limited to the models on the lot. You can pick from all the models on our website and find the perfect home for you and your family.

    Best Service on Mobile Homes for Sale in San Antonio

    We believe in the value of customer service. This is something our owner, John Systma, has emphasized from the very beginning. You don’t need to worry about a sales representative pushing you to a higher price, or to a model that’s out of your price range. Making a sale is not our priority. You are! We want to make the home-buying process pleasant and enjoyable. Our customer service doesn’t stop after you’ve made the down payment. Instead, our team will be there to help you from the beginning of process, to the very end. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry that we’re going to quote you a higher price, simply because you earn more each month. Nor do you need to worry that our sales representatives are going to push you for a higher price when you come to our lot. We get volume discounts from our manufacturers and we pass those on to you. This gives us better pricing on better mobile homes for sale in San Antonio. So, come and experience a hassle-free, enjoyable home-buying process.

    Experts on Mobile Homes in San Antonio

    We know it can be difficult to look through all of our mobile homes for sale in San Antonio. We know you’re looking for just the right home, with specific features, styles, or sizes, and within a particular budget. Let us find that perfect San Antonio mobile home with you. Our team has decades of experience helping people like you find their dream home. When it comes to mobile homes for sale in San Antonio, you can’t get better than our team. Any question you might have about the product, brands, or even the financing, delivery, and site-preparation for a mobile home, they can answer. So, put us to work, and contact us to begin finding your dream mobile home today!

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